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The China Zhengzhou Plastic Industry Expo 2020

邀请函 Invitation letter
◆ 展会介绍 Exhibition Introduction
中国郑州塑料工业博览会成立于 2012 年, 由中国郑州博展展览服务有限公司创立并举办, 已成功举办10届。
China Zhengzhou Plastics Industry Fair was established and founded in 2012 by the China Zhengzhou Exhibition Services
Limited and has been held successfully for ten times.
截至 2019 年第10届展会已有 1000多家企业参加,
Up to 2019 held the ten exhibition has already have more than 1000 enterprises to participate,
被评为中国内陆城市发展最快的塑料展, 是中国有影响力的塑料行业展会平台之一,
Was named the fastest growing plastics exhibition inland cities of China ,
One of China's influential plastic industry exhibition platform,
And become China's coastal cities and inland city plastic industry bridge,
已获得中国商会, 塑料工业协会, 行业代表及参展商的一致好评,
Has received favorable comment from China Business Association, Plastics Industry Association, Industry representatives
and exhibitors.
中国郑州是历史上闪闪发光的珍珠, 今天的中国郑州仍将是文化商贸的焦点,
郑州国际会展中心设施齐全, 交通便利, 我相信这将是一个难忘的聚会。
China Zhengzhou is the shining pearl of history and nowadays will continue to be the focus of culture and commerce,
Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center has all the facilities, convenient transportation,
I believe this will be an unforgettable gathering.
2020 年 3 月 13 日至15 日在郑州国际会展中心举行, 升级规模将设置 1500 个展位( 全塑胶行业)
场地面积 3.8 万平方米, 优质参展商突破 800 家企业, 访客人数将超过5万人
2020 March 13 to 15 was held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center,
The scale of the upgrade will be set up 1500 booths (all plastic industry)
Site area of 38,000 square meters, High quality exhibitors breakthrough 800 companies,
The number of visitors will be more than 50,000 people.
【 倾力打造中国内地最有影响力塑料行业展览平台!】关于上届精彩回顾, 请关注我们官方网页: www.sino-plas.com
Out effort to build mainland China's most influential plastics industry exhibition platform!
Please pay attention to our official website for the wonderful review of last year's show: www.sino-plas.com
◆ 展会理念 Exhibition concept
全面展示塑料橡胶工业, 新材料, 新技术, 新设备, 促进中国塑料行业升级,
为了帮助中国中小企业快速增长, 协助知名企业开拓新市场, 升级产业供应链。 。
Comprehensive display of the plastics and rubber industry, new materials, New technology, new equipment, to promote
China's plastics industry upgrade. To help China's rapid growth of small and medium enterprises, Assisting well-known
enterprises to develop new markets, Upgrading industry supply chain.
◆ 展览三大焦点 The three main focus of the exhibition,
一: 继承上海, 广州 之后, 这是第三个, 塑胶专业展览会, 汇聚全中国的优质资源。
1: inherited Shanghai, Guangzhou, This is the third : Plastic professional exhibition,
It brings together the whole of China's high-quality resources.
二: 涉及塑料产业的化工制造、 机械制造、 智能设备制造、 塑料包装制造、
: involving the plastic industry, chemical manufacturing, Machinery manufacturing, intelligent equipment manufacturing,
Plastic packaging manufacturing,
三: 她是沿海城市与内陆城市供应链平台, 将高品质, 大阵容显示。
3: she is a coastal city and inland city supply chain platform, Will be high quality, large lineup display.

◆ 塑料产业链全整合, 共有十一个大展区、 Plastic industry chain integration, A total of eleven major exhibition.
智能注塑成型展示区 Intelligent injection molding area
吹塑机械展示区 Blow Molding Machine area
塑料软包装设备展示区 Plastic flexible packaging equipment display area
化工原料、 添加剂展示区 Chemical raw materials, additives display area
功能颜料色母粒展示区 Functional pigment master batch display area
复合及特种材料、 改性塑料展示区 And special composite materials, plastic-modified display area
挤出塑料成型展示区 Plastic extrusion molding area
塑料薄膜技术展示区 Plastic Film Technology area
模具、 辅助检测设备展示区 Mold, auxiliary testing equipment display area
自动化科技展示区 Automation Technology area
再生塑料、 塑料制品展示区 Recycled plastic, plastic products display area
◆ 展会时间 Exhibition date
Date of renovation 布展期: 2020 年 3 月 11-12 日 ( 08: 30-17: 30)
Exhibition date 展览期: 2020年 3 月 13-15日 ( 09: 00-17: 00)
Exhibition Demolition 撤展期: 2020 年 3 月 15 日 ( 17: 00-21: 00)
◆ 参观对象 Visit the scope

化工原材料、 Chemical raw materials,
汽车工业、 Automobile industry,
医疗设备、 Medical equipment,
电子电器、 Electronic appliances,
食品包装, Food packaging,
化妆品包装, cosmetic packaging,
注塑成型模具、 An injection mold,
高速成型注塑机、 High-speed injection molding machine,
塑料彩印、 Plastic color printing,
通用塑料制品、 General plastic products,
橡胶制品、 rubber products,
电线电缆、 Wire and Cable,
◆ 同期举办 Held in conjunction with
第九届中国塑料产业(郑州)发展高峰论坛 The 9th China Plastics Industry (Zhengzhou) Development Summit Forum
1, 智能注塑工业 4.0 整体方案工业研讨 1 .Intelligent injection molding industry 4.0 overall program industry research
2, 汽车轻量化塑料新技术研讨 2. Automotive lightweight plastic new technology seminar
3, 3D+打印技术项目最新进展 3. 3D + print technology project latest developments
4, 功能性薄膜技术研讨 4, A functional thin film technology seminars
4.2 新一代环保无溶剂复合技术推广 4.2 New generation of environmentally friendly solvent-free composite
technology promotion
5 , 医用塑料新技术交流研讨 5, New medical plastics technical exchange seminars
6, 新型节能塑料建材研讨 6, New energy-saving plastic building materials research
7, 薄壁包装注塑新技术展示研讨 7, Thin-walled packaging injection of new technology display seminar
8 , 自动化科技机器人现场演示 8, Automated technology robot live demonstration
9 ,注塑行业优秀管理技术人才信息交流会( 欢迎业内优秀企业积极参与或赞助或报名分享新技术管理经验)
9, The injection molding industry outstanding management and technical personnel information exchange
(Welcome to actively participate in the industry's best companies Or sponsor or sign up to share new technology
management experience)

A 类区域
( Area A) : RMB 800/㎡( 空地 Open space 
B 类区域
( Area B) : RMB 700/㎡( 空地 Open space 
C 类区域
( Area C) : RMB 6800/ 9 ㎡( 标准展位 Standard booth 
标准展位( 3m×3m) 配置包括三面墙体围板、
一张洽谈桌、 两把椅子、 两只射灯、 一只电源插座( 220V/5A) 、 公司名称楣板;
A 区不包括任何配置:
额外根据展馆规定需交纳特装施工管理费, 展示期间临时施工用电额外计算收费, 如需特殊用电请事先申请。
Booth configuration:
Standard booth (3m 
× 3m), The configuration includes three wall panels,
A negotiating table, 2 chairs, 2 spotlights, a power outlet (220V / 5A),Company name fascia board;
Area A and Area B does not include any configuration

Additional according to the provisions of the exhibition hall to pay special construction management fees,
During the exhibition period, the temporary construction electricity will be charged separately,
Please apply for special electricity in advance.
◆ 会刊、 广告赞助费用 Journal, advertising sponsorship
1: 封面广告: 20000 元 Cover Advertising: 20000( RMB
2: 封底广告: 10000 元 Back cover advertisement: 10,000( RMB
3: 内部书页广告: 5000 元 Inside page advertisement: 5000 ( RMB
4: 彩页广告: 2000 元 Color page advertising: 2000( RMB
5: 黑白简介: 1000 元 Black and white Description: 1000( RMB
6: 门票广告: 5000 元/5000pcs Tickets ads: 5000( RMB) / 5000pcs
7: 商务请柬: 5000 元/2000pcs Business invitations: 5000( RMB) / 2000pcs
8: 参观胸卡: 8000 元/2000pcs Visit badges: 8,000 ( RMB) / 2000pcs
9: 手提袋: 10000 元/2000pcs Handbag: 10,000 ( RMB) / 2000pcs
1、 详细填写《 参展申请表》 , 负责人签字加盖公章后传真至组委会;
2、 展位安排按“先申请、 先付款、 先安排” 的原则。 回传《 参展申请表》 五个工作日内将参
展费用汇至组委会并传真汇款底单, 逾期不予保留;
3、 展位确认后中途不得退出参展, 否则费用将不予退还;
4、 为了保证展会专业性, 参展商不得展出与展会内容无关展品, 否则取消参展资格;
5、 为了保证展出效果组委会有权对整体布置及部分展位进行调配 ;
6、 参展商不得私自转让展位 ;
◆ attention to the details of the exhibition
1, Fill out the "Application Form", the person in charge signature official seal;
2, Booth arrangement according to the principle "first come, first pay, first arrangement". Return to the "application form"
within five working days will participate Exhibition fee remittance to bank account and fax remittance at the end of single,
Deadline will not be retained exhibition display location;
3, Booth confirmation after midway shall not withdraw from exhibitors, or the cost will not be refunded;
4, In order to ensure the professional exhibition, Exhibitors are not allowed to exhibit exhibits that are not related to the
exhibition, or cancel the qualification;
5, In order to ensure the display effect, The organizers have the right to deploy the overall layout and part of the booth;

6, Exhibitors may not transfer the stand without permission;
◆ 主办单位联系
地 址: 中国.郑州市紫荆山路与陇海路方圆创世 B 座 7O7 室
电 话: 0371-60233070
传 真: 0371-86536172
网 址: www.sino-plas.com
客 服: 李德伦 18037675894
每年规模越来越大, 展品越来越丰富! 2020中国郑州塑料产业博览会。 起点更高、 规模更大、 影响更广!
铸造中国最有影响力塑料展览平台, 铸造中国最有参考价值的塑料展会, 中国内陆城市唯一专业塑料展览会,
Organizers Contact
The China Zhengzhou Plastic Industry Expo 2020 .
Zhengzhou Bo exhibition Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Address: Zijingshan Road and Longhai Road Fangyuan Building Creation Block B Room 7O7. Zhengzhou City, China.
Tel: 0371-60233070
Fax: 0371-86536172
Website: www.sino-plas.com
Customer Service:Mr. Delun Li +86 18037675894
Every year the scale is getting bigger and bigger, Exhibits more and more rich!
2020 China Zhengzhou Plastic Industry Expo. A higher starting point, larger, broader impact!
Casting China's most influential plastics exhibition platform, Casting China's most valuable plastics exhibition,
China's inland city only professional plastic exhibition,
中国最具影响力塑料展览平台之一 --- 值得合作! 预定电话: 0371-60233070
China's most influential one of the plastic exhibition platform --- worthy of cooperation!
Booking Tel: 0371-60233070
历时八届沉淀, 匠心培育辉煌。 
Which lasted eight precipitation, ingenuity to cultivate brilliant.
寻求商业伙伴 增强影响力… Seeking business partners to enhance the impact ...
抓趋势、 促交流、 帮业务 Catch trends, promote exchanges, to help business

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